Jo Mora Cartes - Grand Canyon Ma 1931

A list of Jo Mora's Cartes

Grand Canyon National Park

Monterey, CA: 1948 Jo Mora Publications

19 x 15 Inches


This carte comes with a Letter of Ownership History
which originates from Jo J. Mora's Collection

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Grand Canyon National Park 1st Edition 1931

Monterey, CA: Jo Mora Publications 22 x 28 Inches

MINT CONDITION Inquire about this one

Look for the companion prints Grand Canyon and Yosemite for a nice triptych.


Jo Mora’s Grand Canyon Map original artwork was done in 1931

Jo Mora was originally commissioned by Scenic Airways, do this map, but the deal did not go through. You will notice the reference to an airplane on the bottom left of the carte. The first variation was published in black & white but, due to a lack of popularity, it was colored in some years later and published by Jo Mora Publications. It is packed with historical notes and humor of a time gone by. What fun it would be to reference this map on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

First Variation 1931: Black and White.
( The Jo Mora Maps, Carmel California )
printed on flat paper stock.

First Colored Variation 1948: Colored one year after Jo Mora's death by an unknown artist.
Marked as: Jo Mora Publications, Monterey California. Published by Jo N Mora
19" x 15"- on semi gloss paper

Second Colored Variation: